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Monday, April 14, 2008

Kurinjal - drive & trek

We 2 guys went for this drive & trek. Kurinjal is one of the peaks located in Kudremuk area. Unlike the typical Kudremuk range which used to have lots of shola grass lands, Kurinjal is mostly covered with dense woods. There is a jeep track going all the way to the top connecting a guest house..but today, both the track & guest house are abandoned and the track became one of the famous trekking routes in Kudremuk region.

We stayed in the nature camp which turned out to be one of the peaceful and interesting place. The trek up to the peak was not tiring.. though the track went through the dense woods, there was constant breeze flowing through the woods and gave the pleasant feeling. The trees were huge & tall and densely populated.

It’s a 7kms trek from the camp and we took 4hrs to reach the top with the medium phase. The peak top gave a nice long view of the surroundings.. our guide helped us to identify other peaks Gangadikal and Narasimha Parvatha. During the trek, we could not spot any wild life but bears and bisons are common in the area I suppose.


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Excellent photography!

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