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Monday, June 16, 2008


This is the second time i am going to the theatre to watch a kannada movie..for the similar reason..the typical KA monsoon shots from the places where we used to travel! I could immediately figure out, half of the film is shot in top of Kodachadri..our fav monsoon hide out! ;-) ..and i could make out that Chakra dam as well..its a hidden treasure under monsoon! ..and then the Sivanasamudram falls in full flow giving a threatening view..Yogaraj Bhat has sure got some tastes! ..I mean, i can name 100 such locations in KA and they reamined green all these years but why all these years the KA directors had chosen only Kemmangundi for their duet songs and that too in the peak summer when everything is dry & brown..especially Rajkumar duets! (yes, i do watch them ;-) ) anyways, Yogaraj Bhat is showing the way out and wow, in what a way..

back to Gaalipata, ..This guy Ganesh is so awesome when he is in to his chatterbox image..he just talks & talks & talks and i think i can improve my kannada skills just by listening to him.. :-) 3 friends..all of a sudden they decide to go out of Blr to some relatives place (i can see Bhat is so keen in exhibiting the KA treasures).. the Scorpio navigating through the wet & muddy path..through tea/coffee estates and in the midst of fog appears a beautiful bungalow..(i tried hard, but i just couldnt make out where this place is located)

..the usual family sentiments..this time, less sentimets & more fun and thats really nice! Matching 3 female characters for 3 guys is not going to be an easy task but our Bhat has worked out well.. Ganesh is bluffing around a girl whom it turns out dramatically that she is already married / lost husband etc and then finally she OKs him..but not before pushing our 'Golden Star' Ganesh into some mind blowing senti scenes..heart licking dialogues..and a shower of tears..what not?? It all ends good! In fact, i liked the other pair Diganth & Neetha more. Over all, the story is nothing to be worried much in this film..but the beauty is the screen play & the locations..ofc, Kodachadri in monsoon is like that only!

Again all the characters had a nice contribution..especially the Dracula! The climax didnt look like a climax except for the threatening view of Sivanasamudra..Bhat has given-up in the last..but over all, its a nice entertainer and a must watch!

PS: Earlier, Bhat had introduced the top of Jog falls to the public through Mungaru Male and from that time onwards the place is crowded like a its Kodachadri this time..hmmm, its not good in one way!


Blogger Praveen said...

Yes saar fully agree with ur review. After all we co-examined the movie. :)

5:06 AM  
Anonymous Arun said...

yep..and thanks for taking me in time without missing the first scene! ;-)

6:30 AM  
Blogger Peru said...

good review pal, i meant about the KA monsoons ;-) better become a tour guide yaar :-)

10:11 PM  
Anonymous arun said...

yenna peru..
pose yellam payanggarama irukku..! yenna nadakkuthu singapore'la?? :D

6:54 AM  
Blogger Peru said...

chumma ungala miratti parkalamnuthan indha pose :)

SPore'la perisa onnum nadakkula bossu. appappa anginga oru trekking, oru touring appadithan poguthu. avvalavuthan.

11:35 AM  

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