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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thadiyandamol & Agumbe - Jul 2009

This was a 3 day trip and we 3 of us did it. As usual, started right from office and got into super rain till mysore. Reached coorg late night, wet like those monkeys in the pic.. not before that incident, where our friend Nachu who was tailing patiently all the way, got excited once we entered madikeri..over took us in a fraction and rammed into the median. The next day early morning, we were off for the Thadiyandamol and Nachu was off as he was resting..and myself/Ravi proceeded.

The trek which was supposed to be very popular with 1000s of people jamming up every weekend, was free and no souls to hear around..thanks to the insane rain! With the fog blocking up right from the start, we didnt take any chance and found our guide in a humble old man who agreed to come with a big flawless smile. It was pouring all the way..the trek path turned to a water stream and we didnt complain! The poweR coke did the trick i guess!

It was a nice colourful refreshing hike and we had our cold puliyogare at the top. Later came back for a very late lunch at 5pm and decided to leave towards Agumbe..the next destination. It was still raining but we decided to keep moving as long as possible..and we stopped at this little nice town Mudbidri. Next day morning, reached see those monkeys(in pic) and find us look no different from them!

Agumbe guest house was on repair..and the keeper gave his own house to stay..and thats new, that we got to stay in this old style malnad house with charcoal fire to keep us warm. It was still afternoon but we skipped our further hiking plans and decided to chat around in the warm house when its belting outside! The rain eases out and when we think of venturing out for dinner, the little boy says, 'it slows down only to start big'..and how true he is...Agumbe on its charm!

Next day, took it relaxed and made a late start to reach back bangalore!


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