Chasing the clouds

Location: Bangalore

Thursday, April 12, 2007

The First Rain - Bangalore2007 one sight to view..
the first official rain for 2007 Bangalore.. !!
it just blasted..i came out of office by 9:15pm only to find out rock & roll..
had smoke..waited for 30 mins..didnt look like its gonna giveup..!
came back to seat and started writing.. :D
the thunderstorm was heavy..the rain water splashing all over..
hmmm..its a great start! ;-)
i know, its just a summer rain..but i hope for an early monsoon!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Parson valley


Sat 6AM..was into a deep sleep without any worries on ‘men in blue's blunders..
PM calls up and spoils my sleep..was expecting this call anyways..there was this coorg trip planned with office friends.

He says "hey..what happened..we are all waiting for you."
Me, "No sir..carryon..will join in my bike" ;-)

Later at around 12 started..reached mysore outskirts and stopped for coconut ..and subsequently got into other thoughts..Instead of taking right and catching up with aaphis people at coorg, I took left towards ooty.. :D
idn’t know exactly on ‘what to do @ ooty’..may be let me try finding a jinga resort..
found one anways..its in a remote/quiet corner..some 75 individual cottages with only 3 cottages for manager, one for owner and one for me.. :D it happens!! :D they are planning to sell the whole resort and it costs 9cr it seems!

ok, now the Sunday comes..and I did a ooty sight-seeing..
like Ooty – Emerald Valley– Red Hills – Parson Valley – Ooty..some 60 kms / 5 hrs of lazy ride stopping every corner..
the only word to say..its WILD !!
some places the road was covered with broken logs and scary to ride..grass growing in the middle of the tar road..and the dam & power house is almost abandoned..not a single tourist vehicle in that whole stretch.

before entering the parson valley, the locals warned me that high chances of running into a bison herd any time..that kept my eyes wide open while taking the twisties..and when I saw that skull right on the road, the heart beat started shooting-up.. :D only while coming out of parson valley, I came to know that the permit from DFO is required to enter..and they don’t give that often.. since I entered from the other end(through red hills) nobody was there to stop me..!! ;-)
Should be interesting to checkout this place in peak monsoon!

pics below..didnt take my Kodak this time..tried my hands with K750i.