Chasing the clouds

Location: Bangalore

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Monsoon masala..

This was another memorable ride.. mostly because of the members who joined for this
ride..generally it happens only in newyear rides..but this time it happened in the mid year and that too in the monsoon.. and it was fun!

Kamal came from Chennai for this.. and we Pradeep,Vicky,Vikram and myself from Blr..and we did Mulayanagiri & Agumbe.

Interesting part of the trip was that the scene at mulayanagiri top.. Vicky & Vikram went ahead in the previous day and stayed in the would have been a hell of an experience to be there in the top in the dark in midst of dense fog and freezing cold.. they stayed along with temple people..and eventually they lost a 30K worth camera in that night..and that made the day for us the next day.. :D

We joined them the next day.. 5 of us in 5 bikes..accompanied with a police jeep and we all went back to the hill top.. :-) Police jeep went ahead.. but we couldn’t move fast since the scenery was too good to neglect.. later there was a big drama in the top..between we guys / police and the culprits.. with police playing it safe.. temple people acting innocent.. . Vicky’s skills in negotiating with the suspects were pretty one point police themselves started praising Vicky and asked him to consider shifting the profession! :D

The drama went through a long waiting period but we were not complaining since the place was very finally we got the camera back as well..later that night we stayed in Balehonnur guest house which again turned out to be a nice place. The next day we went to Agumbe.. and went for the short trek to Barkana falls..the drunken guide was another interesting story.. :D Those few houses and the paddy fields were calm & beautiful.. we spent a lot of time there in the process of bringing our drunken guide on his feet..but we couldn’t..then we had to take one of his other relative and proceed for the trek.

The Barkana view point was wild..with strong wind..showers and so green..mostly mist covered but when it opens up it’s a heaven.. Altogether it was a nice trip as everybody enjoyed well.. 3 guys started back to blr early the next day..myself & Vicky explored Kundadri before returning.. Kundadri as usual fully foggedup.. freezing..wet..slippery and all green without humans.. hmmm I love such places!! to go again & again!