Chasing the clouds

Location: Bangalore

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Update from a biker..

// Heading towards Mount Isa, the rain clouds began to once again threaten, I don’t think I’ve had a days riding so far on my own where I haven’t been in a downpour.It’s quite a testament to the size of the sky out here, but on my left I could see a steady wall of water where it was raining, above me were dark clouds, hung like bombs ready to drop, and to my right were clear skies. Three different weather patterns all in the same view, quite amazing really.I managed to run through 90% of the gauntlet of dark clouds before the inevitable storm struck and my shoes (which had only just dried from the water crossing) were once again soggy containers of water. //

sounds close to the "chasing the clouds" standards right?
yep..just loved this update from him..incidentally he keeps his ID as "Chasing Horizons" :D

Nice read..the way he examines his companion’s accident is just matured..
Not to mention..loads of nice pics..!!